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TCRCure Biopharma Ltd was founded in August 2016 by a team of immunologists and cell engineers from both the USA and China. TCRCureis headquartered in Beijing, China. Over the course of two years, TCRCure has established R&D sites in Los Angeles, California and Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, as well as a translational medicine center in Chongqing, China. In 2017, TCRCure successfully closed Series A funding. This investment was led by multiple professional healthcare venture capital firms, including Share Capital and ETP Biomedical Venture Capital. To date, TCRCure possesses streamlined biotechnology development including vector and cell manufacturing, which enables clinical translation intended for full-fledged immunotherapy services.


The ultimate goal of this company is to develop next generation cancer immunotherapies that control tumor progression, convert cancers to chronic but manageable diseases, and eventually lead to cure. With a focus on T cell engineering, TCRCure develops cutting edge therapeutic tools and combinatory regimens for oncological intervention. With an emphasis on improving clinical outcomes, TCRCure aims to industrialize cancer immunotherapy biotechnologies to provide affordable care for a broad range of patients. TCRCure encompasses top talents in the fields of immunology and cell therapy, with more than 80% of employees having earned master’s degrees or higher. The leadership team features professors from Duke University, the University of Southern California, and Stanford University, who have published hundreds of scientific articles in high-profile journals including CellNature, and Nature Biotechnology


TCRCure's dedication to immune cell therapy is supported by four pillars of advanced technology: TCR repertoire analysis and big data mining; high throughput antigen-specific TCR cloning; T cell genetic engineering; and GMP-level, industry scale vector production and immune cell manufacturing. Based on these platforms, TCRCure has established four major product pipelines: generalizable TCR-T; personalized TCR-T; long-lived and suppression-resilient CAR-T and TCR-T; and clinical immune monitoring services.


TCRCure will soon initiate clinical trials for the treatment of HPV-related cervical and head/neck cancers. In the mid-term, TCRCure will quickly expand pipelines for various indications including colorectal cancer, lung cancer, and glioblastoma, as well as establish companion immune-monitoring services for treatment evaluation. The long-term plan involves the de nova development and manufacture of personalized TCR-T products at an acceptable cost for cancer patients.

Unique technology with T lymphocyte as core

We will be in the global scope for tumor, infection, autoimmune and other immune related diseases, clinical trials and research provide sensitive, accurate and reliable early diagnosis, progression, and the curative effect of immune monitoring service.
We will provide personalized, accurate immune cell therapies and gene modified products for a range of cancers including lung cancer, liver cancer, cervical cancer, head and neck cancer, and rhinitis.

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